Centuries back it was God who made man on earth. Today he is dead and the world is still going strong, spinning faster and faster. Afraid to lose grip on today’s stream of events and developments, it seems like man is withdrawing into his own home. To design, like a god in his own universe, his own identity and environment.

Gods is a three hour on-going installation-performance. So make sure to visit more than once!

- Toneelacademie Maastricht, May 2017​

Similar to her last performance Nomads, Sam Scheuermann is exploring the links between public and private, intimacy and staging. This time with a main focus on the private space: the house.

The private space is becoming more and more public. Livingrooms, influenced by companies like IKEA and media like Airbnb, Pinterest, Couchsurfing, Instagram and Facebook, are becoming more and more alike.

We are sharing pictures of our interior and are getting tips from our friends. And still, while copying and sharing, our home is becoming a showpiece of our unique identity: look, this is me.

By sharing we are colonizing the public space with the private. We therefore want to feel at home on the streets and want to be able to express ourselves. Coffee-stalls are trying to be homey by stalling big sofa’s, indoor plants and a stuffed bookcase. The world becomes the livingroom.

This movement raises questions about authenticity and staging. Can we still see the house as an expression of ourself? Or is the self a sum of others? Are we by switching and moving between identities getting closer to our true self? Does a livingroom provide a random stranger peeking through the curtains an intimate look into our lives, while the same room shines on Instagram? Is our house changing into a styled show case?



Concept and direction: Sam Scheuermann

With: Tim Bogaerts, Evelien Cammaert,

Timo Tembuyser

Dramaturgy: Jasmijn van Wijnen

Coaching: Jasper Delbecke

Decor: Erik van de Wijdeven

Scenography: Sam Scheuermann

A co-production of: VIA ZUID en MCEM

Special thanks to: Koen van der Heijden, Betje Stevens, Joost Vriens, SOAP en Toneelacademie Maastricht



The Self in the Theatrical society (Dutch)



21, 22, 26, 27, 28 en 29 October

World Design Event

Embassy of Intimacy

Onder de Leidingstraat 45

Strijp S, Eindhoven

25 and 27 May

Festival INdeMAAK

0.2 Toneelacademie Maastricht


All rights reserved Sam Scheuermann © 2019     //     Amsterdam, the Netherlands     //


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