A photographical and physical research about the body struggling with architecture, flesh with stone, the horizon with the frame.


In SUBJECT/OBJECT we see figures looking for a place in space. Exploring concepts like private and public, inside and outside and to see and being seen. About our longing for the inside and outside to fall together and us trying to make it work.

- Toneelacademie Maastricht, June 2016

SUBJECT/OBJECT is an on-going research about man in urban sphere. SUBJECT/OBJECT I is the first version recorded in Eindhoven and Maastricht.


How do we relate today to the public environment that seems to be of nobody and everyone at the same time? How does the other influence us on our daily path? How do we shape it by shaping ourselves? In an attempt to make the inside and outside coincide, we see an overview of images.



A video-installation of: Sam Scheuermann

With: Tim Bogaerts, Timo Tembuyser and Koen van der Heijden

Coaching: Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens

Spacial thanks to: Theater aan het Vrijthof and Sija van den Beukel






25 and 27 May

Festival INdeMAAK

0.1 Toneelacademie Maastricht

December 2016

Winternights Maastricht 

Festival van VIA ZUID and SOAP

June 2016 

Toneelacademie Maastricht


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