A study on becoming

A study on becoming

Two bodies intertwined, arms around the shoulders, legs entangled, faces close. It’s both the image of an embrace and of wrestling. 

We only need to blink our eyes and the images we constructed have already transformed. Altering our perspective, new interpretations emerge. Realities seem ever-changing. 

A study on becoming welcomes the visitor into a photographic lab. A research space where we explore our gaze and the way we frame our perception.

- In progress, 2022



Concept and direction: Sam Scheuermann

Performance: Anna Bentivegna, Koen van der Heijden and Dennis Tiecken

Sound: Krijn Moons

Technique: Abel Enklaar

Made possible by: PLAN Brabant, Het Huis Utrecht - Het Makersfonds and Inversie Talenthub


3 - 5 June 2022 | Expo / Open Studio

De Kruisruimte



6 - 10 July 2022

This Art Fair