© Sam Scheuermann


© Sam Scheuermann


© Sam Scheuermann


Spectator is a video-installation, researching the act of seeing and being seen. At Winternights Sam Scheuermann will try to captivate, twist and mirror our gaze by slowing down the image. In a construction of eyes, lenses and projections, positioned in different locations at the festival site, she is searching for a genuine connection between spectator and performer, throughout all media. In an attempt to create a togetherness we only know from theatre, in the here and now, in a shared space and time, we’re looking at another.

The presentation at Winternights was a first research for this installation. 

- VIA ZUID, December 2018




A video-installation by Sam Scheuermann 

With: Elske Broekhuijsen, Joes Brauers, Milou Elbersen, Abel Enklaar, Brendan Gijzen, Flip van der Heijden, Jet van der Heijden, Koen van der Heijden, Marijke van der Heijden, Ruben Scheuermann, Betje Stevens, Joost Vriens, David Westera

Camera: Rico Franse

Technique: Abel Enklaar

Production: VIA ZUID Talentontwikkeling in de podiumkunsten Limburg and MCEM






21/22 dec 

Winternights Maastricht



‘The most powerful human forces are found in the meeting of the face and the gaze. Only there do we exist for one another. In the gaze of the other, we become, and in our own gaze others become. It is there, too, that we can be destroyed. Being unseen is devastating, and so is not seeing.’

- Karl Ove Knausgård



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