Sam Scheuermann (°1994, Tilburg, NL) is an interdisciplinary performance artist from the Netherlands, currently based in Amsterdam. In 2013 she started at the Maastricht Institute of performative arts, where she graduated as a director in 2017.

Her work exists on the border between theatre and visual arts, challenging the concept of spectatorship and exploring the relational dynamics between audience and performer. She is fascinated by the concept of the gaze of the Other, that is able to transform us from an unconscious subject to a conscious object with a strong notion of Self. According to Sam, this dynamic of staging the Self is essentially theatrical, and has its place in the streets just as much as in the theatre. Researching the codes that divide the reality from the staged in various contexts, she is developing several site-specific projects. Balancing between theatre and performative art, the real and the staged situation, Sam unhinges the spectator and encourages us to reflect on our place in society.



2013-2017: BA director at Toneelacademie Maastricht

2020-now: freelance projectmanager at Cascoland

2020   Residency at United Cowboys Eindhoven: Constructions of my interior

2019   Touch or Tune in collaboration with ROTOR Performance and VOÏSZ Vocal Projects

2019   Residency at United Cowboys Eindhoven i.c.w. Koen van der Heijden

2019   Residency Broedplaats at Pand 18 Den Bosch: A study on becoming

2019   Residency at het Huis Utrecht: A study on becoming 

2019   Sneak Peek, Parkstad Limburg theaters Heerlen: A study on becoming 

2018   Winternights Maastricht: Spectator

2018   Sam Scheuermann is part of network group CS2 excisting of media-creators and artists, an initiative of  VondelCS and the AVROTROS

2018   Seasoning Fall United Cowboys: SUBJECT/OBJECT II

2018   Theater aan Zee Oostende (BE): Nomaden

2018   Over het IJ Festival Amsterdam: SUBJECT/OBJECT II

2018   Sam Scheuermann is beging supported by MCEM

2018   Talentlab VIAZUID Talentmakelaar & Toneelgroep Maastricht: Residents

2018   Festival Cement Den Bosch: de Werfplaats

2018   Parktheater Eindhoven: WE WANT MORE, i.a. o.a. Appearance, United Cowboys

2017   Selected as Top-level artist' by bureau CAWA 

2017   Jonge Harten Festival Groningen: Nomaden

2017   World Design Event Eindhoven: Goden

2017   ITS Festival Amsterdam: Nomaden

2017   Festival INdeMAAK Maastricht: Goden and SUBJECT/OBJECT I

2017   Festival Cement Den Bosch: Nomaden

2017   Sam Scheuermann is beging supported by VIAZUID

2016   Winternights Maastricht: SUBJECT/OBJECT I

2016   Grec Festival Barcelona (ES): Appearance, i.c.w. United Cowboys

2016   Festival Cement Den Bosch: A Rite of Passage, i.c.w. Annelieke Holland and Erik van de Wijdeven

2015   Festival Boulevard Den Bosch: Stand Alone, United Cowboys

2015   De Nieuwe Vorst Tilburg: Appearance, i.c.w. United Cowboys

2015   TAC Eindhoven: Appearance, i.c.w. United Cowboys

2015   Seasoning Eindhoven: Appearance, i.c.w. United Cowboys

2015   Seasoning Eindhoven: Do You Like This Like This, i.c.w. United Cowboys

2014   Incubate Tilburg: Kloosterstraat 65, i.c.w. Rani Decock and Koba Ryckewaert.

Photo: Koen van der Heijden

Essay - Het Zelf in de theatrale samenleving